Gun Control in the Wake of the Navy Yard Shooting

I tend to think in what I perceive to be a logical manner.  So it is difficult for me to predict what will be said and done (or at least attempted) as a result of the shootings yesterday at the Navy Yard in D.C.  Because whatever it is, it will not be logical.

People who were in no way impacted will give flowery speeches.  While those who were directly impacted will be forgotten in 3 days.

Policy changes, rules, regulations, new laws…all will be proposed.  Some will make it through the process.  Some will be beaten back.

And men who stand behind a phalanx of armed security will propose that you and I be disarmed in the interests of public safety.  Because in the mind of a liberal the public is safest when we must come face to face with individuals that the police will not face without vests, helmets, and automatic weapons…unarmed.

We are safest when we must huddle in our bedrooms, feverishly dialing 911 because someone has invaded our home, and pray that our children are not slaughtered, our wives are not raped, and our lives are not taken, during the 20-30 minutes before the police arrive.

We are safest when only agents of the state have weapons (ala Michael Bloomberg).  Though all of the places I am aware of where only police have weapons, eventually become police states.

Of course, if you close your eyes for a moment you can imagine a neighborhood somewhere in America.  Little blue and tan houses lined up down a quiet little street.  The wind blows through maples and elms.  The checkpoint at the end of the road is manned by four soldiers with automatic weapons and a 50 cal. mounted to a jeep…  Kids play in their front yards…until curfew.  State approved activities occur in the neighborhood daily…whether you like it or not.  From time to time one of the soldiers knocks on your door and escorts your wife down to the checkpoint for “questioning”.  Yeah… little pink houses for you and me.

Make no mistake, the stakes in this battle are high.  They are in fact, the highest of all stakes.  The nature of the Republic; the relationship between citizen and government; the future of the country hang in the balance.

Do not be fooled by fancy words and rhetoric.  These people are adept at manipulating language and confusing the easily confused.

Note the fact that in a recent discussion about relations between the United States and Russia, President Putin referred to himself as “Your humble servant”.  Anyone actually believe Putin is humble, or a servant of the people?  He’s a politician.  And so is Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and company.  The men and women who hold high places have one interest, that being to remain in high places.  Whatever they have to do to achieve that goal, they will do.

Wake up