I have hesitated to write this post.  It is a sad commentary on where we are with regard to racial relations in this nation; that I should have an opinion and hesitate to share it because of the color of my skin.  Nevertheless, there is a part of me that hopes that truth still matters.  Though experience tells me I am being naive.

First and foremost let me say that Michael Brown was a criminal.  Period.  The world was not a better place because he was in it.  By my estimation the world is not any better now that he is not in it either.  So his death is a wash.  These people “protesting” his “murder” at the hands of a police officer are holding him up as some kind of saint.  Perhaps in his community he was one, but if that’s true that speaks to the sorry state of the community.

What is telling about this situation is that a friend of Dorian Johnson’s was murdered during the time the rioting was taking place.  Presumably, Michael brown would have also known this kid.  Whether he did or not however, is irrelevant.  What is relevant is the fact that no one is protesting on behalf of Deandre Joshua.  Want to guess why?  I’d be willing to wager all manner of money that Deandre (who can be seen here) was shot and killed by another young black man.  Which, of course, can’t make any money or generate any interest, for Al, Jesse, Holder or Obama.  So, another black kid dies, and no one cares.

Meanwhile, the good, upstanding citizens of Ferguson take to the streets to discuss and demonstrate their outrage at the death of a young black man, by looting, robbing, and destroying business and properties mostly owned by black people!  This is the clearest indicator to me that they don’t actually care about their own community, their own people, race relations, justice, or any of the other things they claim.  They care about free shit.  Just like in the L.A. riots.  Just like in the Atlanta riots.

And here is a simple fact, though stating it will automatically make me a racist.  Because you cannot speak the truth if it is unpopular…

White people don’t riot.  We don’t burn down each others homes and businesses.  We don’t protest perceived crimes by committing acts which are unquestionably crimes.

Meanwhile, a black kid in Cleveland was killed while walking with a BB Gun.  Shot dead by a cop.  A black cop…and therefore no protests, no riots, no one bitching about how the police don’t value the lives of young black men.

Also meanwhile, literally 2 days apart, in Utah a white/Hispanic (you know we have white Hispanics now right, ever since George Zimmerman) 20 year old, unarmed man, is shot and killed by a cop.  A “Non-white” cop.  And thus, no protests, no riots, and virtually no mention.  That cop was also just cleared by the way.  All good, back to work now…  And no riots whatsoever.  Why do you think that is?

Because, in the end, the situation in Ferguson is not about some no-count convenience store robbing turd that got killed while acting the fool.  Those people didn’t care about him the day before he died, and they still don’t.  What they care about is an excuse to display their poor character, low values, and shitty moral standards.  And because they think like this they raise thugs…like Michael Brown…who commit crimes…and get shot.

So to recap…

Black on black crime is fine.  No riots.

Black on white crime is fine.  No riots.

Black cop kills unarmed white man, fine.  No riots.

White cop kills unarmed black man…the whole city burns.

Somehow, running down the street with stolen liquor, shoes, cell phones and big screen t.v.’s is getting “Justice” for Michael brown.  Interestingly, it is the same thought process that got him killed.

Wake up!

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