All is Well

Good news America!  The government that spent 634 million dollars and 3.5 years to build a website that doesn’t work, is back!!

The news this morning had a traffic warning from some random woman getting her 15 seconds of fame by reporting that traffic might be tough today around the capital as, “Federal workers will be going in early and staying late because they are absolutely committed to getting the work done.”  Wow.  I wonder who paid her to say that… lol

Anyway, it’s back to normal day to day operations!

The Park Service can go back to staring at stones, monitoring bear crap, and being of little or no assistance, and stop arresting people who came to DC to see monuments erected in their honor.

The IRS can get back to giving special scrutiny to conservative groups and denying them their tax-exempt status.

The State Department can get its best and brightest back to work on covering up what happened in Benghazi, helping jihadists take over governments in the middle east, and misspeaking on trivial matters like Syria and chemical weapons.

The BATF can get back to kicking down doors and shooting people.  As can the DEA, DHS, and pretty much every other federal agency with an armed division (which is almost all of them).

Secret Courts can get back to issuing secret rulings which will be kept…you guessed it…secret.

The NSA can get back to tapping your phones, tracing your movements, downloading your contacts lists, scanning your emails and in virtually every other way invading your privacy.

The FDA can get back to closing down family farms because of food preparation/storage areas that do not meet their strict standards, while allowing a chicken processing plant to continue operations during a salmonella outbreak from chicken produced at that plant.

The EPA can continue to work to close down the coal industry, causing entire regions of our nation to become employment dead zones.

The Whitehouse can continue to lie about everything up to and including what time it is.

The Congress can get back to doing nothing.

Yes, it is a great day in America.  The furlough is over!  The shutdown has ended!  And now it is time to get back to work.  There are entire generations of Americans yet to be born that must be royally screwed, and we’ve precious little time!  Up and at ’em!




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