Conspiracy Theories

I hesitate to even begin writing this post, knowing as I do what it will get me.

Should you find yourself, a perfectly sane person, locked away in a mental institution, you have a bit of a problem.  If you tell them you’re not crazy, they will tell you “That’s what all the crazy people say.”  If you say nothing, your silence will be evidence of a condition.  If you protest loudly you will be considered a danger to yourself and/or others.  You’re stuck.

You are crazy because they said so, the matter is settled, and you cannot escape.

So it is with language today.  Words, phrases, and the meanings of these have been forcefully overtaken by the propaganda machine in order to marginalize opposition.  Concepts and ideas are deemed far-fetched by those in power, and so despite the truth of an accusation, the person making it is classified as an extremist.

Take for example the pejorative “Conspiracy Theorist”.

“Conspiracy” is a word.  It has a specific meaning.  Under certain circumstances it is a crime.

“Theory” is also a word.  It is used daily in science.

When you postulate a theory regarding a conspiracy however, you become a tin-foil hat wearing, aliens in Area 51 believing, Illuminati chasing, the Secret Service killed JFK believing, nut.

Why is that?

There are well-known and documented conspiracies out there.  The Gulf of Tonkin incident, which involved faking an attack on an American war ship in order to get us in to the Vietnam War, would be a good example.

Somehow the people who believe that Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction in order to start a war so that his corporate buddies in Haliburton could make millions…are just called Democrats though, not conspiracy theorists.

But those same people call those who asked to see Obama’s birth certificate “birthers”, and those who want an explanation to some irregularities in the events surrounding 9-11 are “truthers”.

Can someone explain this to me?

When building a jigsaw puzzle it is common practice to start with the edges and work your way in.  By building the border first you give yourself, literally, a frame of reference to piece together the rest of the puzzle.  Much of our news these days is presented in such a manner as to make it nearly impossible to find those edge pieces and build that framework.  We are bombarded by facts and figures, and propaganda masquerading as facts and figures.  24/7 the beat goes on, and we are lost in a sea of detail too vast for anyone to sort through.  But, from time to time, an individual has a moment of clarity and begins to see the foggiest view of the whole picture.  When that happens, that person is immediately marginalized, torn down, trampled and forgotten.  And the “facts” roll on, as if nothing was ever said.

I mention it this morning because there has been something on my mind for a few days now.

The Navy Yard shooter claimed to be the target of ELF weaponry.  He claimed to be hearing voices.  He claimed to have been unable to sleep as a result.  Eventually he lost his mind and began shooting up the Navy Yard.

Crazy, right!  The news refers to him as paranoid and delusional.  The FBI called him paranoid and delusional.  But one wonders….

If you wanted to pass sweeping gun control in an effort to disarm the public, the easiest way to do that would be to get the public to agree with you that they need to be disarmed.  Right?  Maybe by orchestrating a few mass killings… I mean these are the people that started a war for nothing right?  Twice now.  These are the people who gave LSD to unsuspecting Americans at clinics in the 60’s right?  These are the people tapping your phones, reading your emails and tracking your movements…right?

Well, consider the shooter’s claims in light of the following, and come to your own conclusion.  Just be careful…you might become a “conspiracy theorist”.

Biohazards of Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF)

by Dr. Nick Begich

Reprinted from Earthpulse Flashpoints Series 1 Volume 1.

In reporting on the HAARP project the issue of extremely low frequency (ELF) impacts on human health has been raised. The debate on the impact of ELF is still ongoing in international medical circles. However, recent research points to the fact that these frequencies when shaped and transferred to humans cause significant reactions. In our book, Angels Don’t Play this HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology, we explore some of these reactions.

HAARP is not the only system available for taking advantage of these new technologies. The military has developed smaller weapon systems for use in battlefield applications. These new weapons were disclosed in documents authored and compiled by the United States Air Force. The Air Force documents indicate that these weapons can be used for mind control, inducing heart attacks, causing electronic failures and creating computer malfunctions. More recently these new weapons have been revealed in International Red Cross documents and in other press reports. In a CBS – 60 Minutes broadcast on February 11, 1996 a report on some of these new systems was shown. The program discussed some of the effects of these new weapons which included disorientation and “flu-like symptoms”.

This new classification of weapons has created some level of concern on the part of military planners in trying to find a way to introduce these systems. The United States Army has developed a concept called the Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) which begins to unfold the weapons introduction plan. What this document points out is that many of these weapons will operate in a way which is in conflict with American values. The Army realizes that the conflict with our values exists and openly discusses the problem it presents. The Army then goes on to describe a number of ways to reshape those values so that these new weapons can be used. The basic problem, from this writers perspective, is that the U. S. Army’s role in the American scene is not intended to “shape and form public values”, rather it is supposed to “reflect” American values. The idea that any branch of government should see their role as one of setting the national ethic is wrong.

The United States military has taken advantage of the basic research which demonstrates the effects of various types of electromagnetic radiation. This research is being used for weapons development. These new technologies have been, in part, transferred to the United States Justice Department for use in domestic police actions. The technology transfers have been made over the last several years. Three conferences were held between 1985 and 1993 in order to gradually introduce the technologies. The last conference included discussions of pulsed radio frequency systems and was considered so sensitive that the entire meeting was classified by the Department of Defense and the program sponsor — Los Alamos Laboratory. This last meeting has led to policy development which now permits technology transfers from the military to the United States Department of Justice.

There are a number of documented effects of these low levels of electromagnetic radiation. The effects can be positive or negative depending upon the intent of the operators. In Europe, and elsewhere, the use of these low levels of electromagnetic radiations are being applied to the development of very effective healing systems. In future articles we will be discussing the findings of researchers and clinicians who are using these new electromedical systems. Significant work has been done in nonsurgical applications for treating heart disease, cancer, diabetes and numerous other disorders. However, on the dark side of these technologies is the military. The Department of Defense uses the same basic information for developing weapons which attack health.

The use of these new weapons in altering and manipulating human brain functions is startling. In November, 1995, I asked Dr. Patrick Flanagan if there was a way to guard against low level radiations in the ELF range. These are the frequency ranges which can cause disruptions in the human brain. He considered the question and then described the following equipment configuration for use in a home or work place:

HAARP Antenna Array

Dr. Flanagan suggested that a circuit be constructed. The system he described would start with a “white noise” generator. (These are available from organizations like the Sharper Image.) The white noise generator speaker would be disconnected and the speaker’s wire leads would be connected to the input side of a power amplifier. The output side of that power amplifier would then be connected to an insulated copper wire which would be looped once around the area which was to be protected against ELF. This circuit would provide protection for low power density ELF signals. The purpose of the system is to create a situation where the ELF signals cannot “lock” onto biological systems — like human beings. The effectiveness of the system would be based upon its actual construction and the ELF power levels in the area. The components for construction can be readily obtained from electronic supply houses and can be built by people skilled in electronics to assure that the components sizes match correctly.

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