You Keep Using That Word…

Well, we are once again informed that our President is “focused like a laser beam” on the economy.  This makes what?  The 19th or 20th time he’s been “focused like a laser beam”?  I mean…does he know what the word “focused” means?

One wonders if he is now, again, focused on the economy because he was/is getting his ass handed to him on the international stage?  Talk about OJT!  Putin basically pimp slapped him in public, ran an ad in the NY Times to let everyone know about it, and then went off to strangle some wild beast with his bare hands.  Meanwhile, our hapless President sat there using his signature word.  “Ummm”.

Let’s recap for a moment shall we?

While running, el Presidente claimed he would close Gitmo in 90 days.  It’s still open.

He called Bush un-American and un-patrotic for running up a 9 trillion dollar debt, and he voted AGAINST increasing the debt ceiling.  THEN…he ran up a 14 trillion dollar debt and called voting against increasing the debt ceiling “irresponsible”.

He pushed for a stimulus package that would fund “shovel ready jobs”, then laughed and shrugged off the fact that there were no “shovel ready jobs”.

He used the power of the federal government to push GM through a structured settlement, which cost investors and bondholders millions and gave his union cronies a sweetheart deal.  Then ran on the slogan, “GM is alive and Bin Laden is dead”.  Yeah… Detroit is dead too Mr. President.  If you missed it.

Our President.  Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.  Has involved us in multiple conflicts since taking office even though he railed against Bush for doing so.

He recently claimed that his administration is moving away from policies which saw the executive branch engaging in conflicts over the course of a decade while keeping the people’s representatives out of the loop.  He said this in spite of the fact that Bush went to Congress and got a resolution authorizing the use of force in Iraq.  He said this while his administration and various pundits were in the process of making the case that he (Obama) didn’t actually NEED Congressional approval.

And then, in the midst of an almost religious commitment to bombing Syria no matter what… in comes John “the Assclown” Kerry.  Who misspeaks in a press conference, and his off the cuff remark becomes US Foreign Policy a day later, after the Russian President runs with it and shoves it down our throats.

We are being led by The Three Stooges here.  This is government by The Keystone Cops.  If you listen closely when Obama is speaking you can hear the “whoop, whoop, whoop” in the background.

It is likely going to take years and years for this country to recover from this Presidency.

We were told he would restore our place and reputation in the world… and we’re a laughing stock that no one takes seriously.

We were told we would be getting away from nation building and “empire”.  And we have involved ourselves in Egypt, Libya, and now Syria.  (And btw, we helped a terrorist organization become the official government of Egypt in the process).

We were told that Obama had the right people in the right places to turn the economy around.  It isn’t turned around.  They just massaged the methods and altered the data to make it appear that unemployment was lower.  It’s not.

We were told Obamacare would cost 900 billion.  It’s now estimated at 2.7 trillion and counting.

We were told it wouldn’t raise the deficit.  It will.

We were told it was a good plan…but our elected leaders exempted themselves and their staff’s from it.  They exempted several big corporations and are in the process of exempting unions.  In other words…YOU get screwed.  People with clout do not.

THIS is what happens when you elect a wholly unqualified individual simply because of the color of their skin and flowery speech.

These 8 years will forever change America, and it is not going to be change for the better.

But that’s what those of you who drank the Kool-Aid voted for right?  Hope and Change?

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